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Forget smart watches – it’s all about fitness trackers

When smart watches first became commercially available, everybody and their dog wanted one, and it certainly was the latest and hottest piece of technology that tech fans everywhere wanted to flaunt.

Now that the hype has died down though, do you really want to be receiving text messages and updates to your wrist? With tech burnout and overload more of a concern than ever, this extra piece of technology could be a step so far. And that’s why fitness trackers have taken on a big role in the world of wearable technology.

They can be basic and affordable

Smart watches can cost as much as a smartphone, which is a pretty big investment! With fitness trackers though, you can really keep it basic and seriously affordable if you like. With simple models that track your heart rate and steps, through to more sophisticated ones that detail the weather, calories burned, let you track your stats and more, whatever you’re looking for, there is going to be a fitness tracker to match your needs.

They’re a great thing for your lifestyle

And of course, who can forget that buying a fitness tracker can be the perfect way to hop on board to a fitter and healthier lifestyle. You can push yourself to make sure you do a certain amount of steps daily, or match your stats to keep your fitness goals on track. And it’s true that when we buy new fitness goods, it can serve as the perfect encouragement to get out there and up your fitness.

And they’re often trendier than smart watches!

As an added bonus, fitness trackers are often much trendier than chunky smart watches, which still somehow look a little contrived. From the super popular FitBit models through to chic designs by Finnish company Polar, you can even set a style statement with your fitness tracker.

As a way to push yourself to live more actively, why not choose a fitness tracker over a smart watch.

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