Fun Team Meetings

How to Make Your Team Meetings Fun and Effectful

Move Your Body

Standing up and moving for team meetings is an effective way to get peoples attention and makes everyone feel more hands on and productive. During these standing meetings, everyone gets the chance to stretch their legs, get the blood flowing and makes everyone much more actionable for when they sit back down.


Virtual Meeting

At times a working team can be scattered all around the globe / country or even still under the one roof, regardless, it can be a nice change of pace just getting a virtual meeting on the go. There is certainly no lack of software, its easy and free and the team will most likely appreciate it. A lot of the complaints towards meetings from employees aim towards the fact that it drags them away from their work. So instead, you can do it straight from your workstation. Another great twist to take on this is to invite a guest speaker into the call, it is always a good idea to provide a fresh perspective on something and this could really enhance your team meeting.


Use an Egg Clock

Another huge complaint that comes from team meetings is the length, they take too long. The simple solution to this is using an egg timer to call a stop to your meeting. This puts a lot more emphasis on the meeting and its importance as well as giving yourself the reassurance that you can be in and out in 15 mins for example.

Leading on from that point, how do you get everyone in the team to participate in the meeting?

Fun Team Meetings - Get everyone moving


Give everyone time to speak

A lot of team meetings include one key person taking all the spotlight whilst others sit in silence and keep their thoughts to themselves. A solution to this would be to allow each person a time allocation in which they can speak and equally divide it amongst the team, this way each person knows they can prepare their part for the team meeting ahead of time and come out knowing they participated in the meeting and got their point across.


Use Different Environments

When stuck in an office all day, any change of scenery be a god sent. Off-site team meetings are a great idea for effective team meetings and will be greatly beneficial to everyone. Luckily various companies allow you to rent out various facilities for team building events which provide you with new and exciting ways of engaging with your staff. Tennent’s Training Academy does just that, bringing you something new and exciting to the table every time you are organising a team-building event. They provide a unique menu of corporate events in a brand-new facility only five minutes away from Glasgow city centre. Taking a step away from the office is the perfect way to provide a unique backdrop and a memorable experience for the whole team.


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